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Dr. Ali A. Mohebbi
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Optometrist Newport Beach, California

With today’s busy schedules, many of our patients tell Dr. Mohebbi that they simply lost track of time and their last visit to the eye doctor was 3-4 years ago. We educate our patients that it’s essential to check your vision at your local Newport Beach optometry practice at least once a year in order to make sure your vision is still 20/20.

At Plaza Optometry we serve the Newport Beach community offering the following eye care services:

Eye Emergencies

eye exam Newport Beach CAThe eyes are a very delicate part of the body, and a scratch or a foreign object that found it’s way into our eyes can cause serious damage if not treated right away. Chemical burns are also extremely dangerous for your eyes. While rinsing your eye with water would be the first step to relieve the pain, you should visit your Newport Beach eye doctor for an eye exam as well. Visit Plaza Optometry as soon as possible and our staff will inform Dr. Mohebbi of your eye care emergency and make sure you receive the necessary eye care treatment as soon as possible.

Ocular Diseases Management

Some eye conditions, such as cataracts, can be cured only with surgery, but other conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration can be monitored by our optometrist. With early diagnosis and proper treatment we can save your vision. When you reach your 60’s it’s extremely important to visit your eye care expert for a comprehensive eye exam at least once or twice a year. As our eyes age, we tend to develop more and more eye conditions, and keeping a “close look” on your eye health is the first step to great vision at any age.

Our Optical Boutique

eyeglasses Newport Beach CAIf you’re looking for a second pair of glasses, Plaza Optometry is a great place to start your search. Our Newport Beach optometrist will check your prescription and offer you a wide range of lenses and frames options to choose from. Feel free to browse our large selection of designer frames by Vogue Versace, Prada and more, to find that perfect and chic frame you always wanted. If you prefer contact lenses, we carry Acuvue, Ciba Vision Cooper Vision and Bausch & Lomb lenses which are all suitable for daily and weekly wear or check out our specials and promotions.

To schedule an appointment with our eye doctor near Newport Beach, Call us at (714) 557-7800