Eye Infection

Don't Wait to Treat a Possible Eye Infection

Eye infections are the worst, but you can treat many of them either with medications that will make them go away, or medications that will treat the symptoms. The type of eye infection, or conjunctivitis, you have will decide the treatment needed, so you must seek help from an optometrist as soon as you can. No matter the cause, the optometrist can help you devise a plan to soothe symptoms, as well as give you advice on how to avoid spreading the infection and reinfecting yourself. The staff at Plaza Optometry in Santa Ana want you to recover as quickly as possible.


Causes and Symptoms

Eye infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies, and more. While many of the same symptoms occur with each type of infection, they can differ slightly and provide clues as to what is the cause of the infection. For example, if both eyes are red, itchy, and watery, and have a rather stringy or watery discharge, you likely have allergic conjunctivitis. Taking allergy medications would be the most appropriate form of eye infection treatment, as would controlling the allergen in question.

If you have red, burning eyes with lots of goopy discharge that tends to run down your eyelashes, you may have bacterial conjunctivitis, for which you would need antibiotics. And then there's viral conjunctivitis, which has no treatment other than waiting it out, although you can take cold medicine in the meantime to try to control the symptoms.

Eye infections caused by bacteria and viruses are highly contagious. Wash your hands with soap and water after touching your face; in fact, if you can avoid touching your face, that's even better. Change your pillowcase daily as well, and change your towels and washcloths. Frequent disinfection of doorknobs, faucets, and other items you touch is necessary. If you live with other people, have them stay away from you, especially if you have viral conjunctivitis. It is possible to reinfect yourself, so take care not to accidentally touch your eyes.

See an Optometrist Now For Eye Infection Treatment

You should not delay getting treatment for an eye infection. Even if the infection from an allergy and not contagious, you can still treat the symptoms. Your eyes are precious, so make sure you entrust them with the very best eye care. Contact Plaza Optometry in Santa Ana today to set up a consultation to begin your eye infection treatment.


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