Eye and Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams Help You to Maintain Good Eye Health

A lot of people think that eye exams and vision exams are the time to find out if you need corrective eyewear or to update their prescription. While partly true, it is also the time to make sure your eyes and vision are in good health. Even if you believe your eyes and vision are fine, it is important to have your eyes examined every year. At Plaza Optometry in Santa Ana, our optometrist wants to explain why you need an eye exam.


Why You Need to See an Optometrist Regularly

Seeing an optometrist frequently goes beyond making sure you can see well. An optometrist can also spot many health problems with an eye and vision exam. For instance, an eye doctor can determine if you are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, alleviated cholesterol, lupus, macular degeneration, glaucoma, or cataracts with these two exams. Catching these diseases early on will not only help you avoid complications down the line but also help you preserve your vision and safeguard your health.

What to Expect from Your Eye Exam and Vision Exam

Eye and vision exams have various steps, and they include:

  • Discussing Your Health History: We will note any vision problems you may have at the moment, how your overall health is, any prescription medications you are taking, and your occupation.
  • Puffing Air into Your Eyes: We do this to measure your eye pressure, which is important to determine if you are developing glaucoma.
  • Measuring Your Visual Acuity: Our optometrist will have you identify various letters at a distance to see if you need eyewear or an updated prescription.
  • Testing Your Eye Muscles: This test evaluates your eye movement and checks for poor coordination and muscle weakness in the eyes.
  • Assessing Refraction: This assessment checks how light enters the eyes.
  • Testing Your Side Vision: We test your side vision to determine if you can see the sides well without moving your eyes.
  • Evaluating the Retina: Checking the retina is necessary to know if the retina is working properly and is not developing an eye disease.
  • Discussing Your Results: After your exam, our optometrist will go over with you the results and talk to you about preventative measures you could take.

How Frequent You Need to Visit an Optometrist

If you wear glasses or contacts, you need to visit an eye doctor once a year. Likewise, if you are over forty, have a family history of eye diseases, or have a condition that puts you at a higher risk for developing an eye condition. Children should have their first eye exam by the age of six months. After that, they need to see an eye doctor when they are three and before they start first grade.

Schedule Your Vision Exam and Eye Exam Today

If you are in Santa Ana, you can visit Plaza Optometry for all your eye care needs. Whether you currently wear glasses or you haven’t had your eyes looked at in years, we have the skill and experience to assess your situation and make appropriate recommendations. Call us today at 714-557-7800 to schedule your vision and eye exam.



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