Eye Allergies

Experiencing Eye Allergies?

Eye allergies can cause a variety of symptoms ranging from itchy eyes, redness, or even eye swelling. In some cases, it can create issues with vision, affect your ability to complete tasks at work, or even drive a vehicle. If you are experiencing eye allergies, now is the time to see a professional for an eye exam to find out what to do to alleviate the problem so you can get back to normal. Plaza Optometry has a skilled optometrist, Dr. Ali Mohebbi, who can provide patients near Santa Ana with treatment to help them get relief. 


A Visit to the Eye Doctor

Most people turn to home remedies initially to try to alleviate their symptoms, but in many cases, you need to get prescription eye allergy drops, steroid eye drops, or other optometrist prescribed treatment to really manage the symptoms. If you have any of the following eye issues, please make an appointment with the optometrist soon.

  • allergic conjunctivitis
  • swollen upper eyelid
  • itchy watery eyes
  • vision issues

We provide treatment options for these ailments and there are even eye drops for kids, who also frequently experience itchy watery eyes and eye swelling seasonally.

Get an Eye Exam

Anytime you have issues with your eyes or vision, you should get an eye exam from a reputable eye doctor who can instruct you on how to care for itchy eyes, allergic conjunctivitis, eye swelling, and more problems caused by eye allergies. We can teach you how to treat swollen eyes or swollen upper eyelids with steroid eye drops and other proven methods. Not only can the eye doctor prescribe eye allergy drops, but we can also check your eyes for other issues that may be contributing to discomfort or can deteriorate your vision over time. If your children haven't yet been to the optometrist and they begin to show signs of eye allergies, they may need eye drops for kids or other prescription remedies.

Eye Allergy Relief in Santa Ana

Taking care of your eyes is a top priority and when eye allergies flare-up you may need eye allergy drops from your local optometrist. We can instruct you on how to reduce your discomfort and how to treat your swollen eyes with allergy drops and special at-home care. If you live near the Santa Ana area, call or stop by Plaza Optometry today and schedule an eye exam with our optometrist to begin seeing instant relief.


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