Dry Eye

Plaza Optometry is committed to the specialized diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes and ocular surface disorders. 

Dry eye is one of the most under-diagnosed eye conditions and if left untreated can lead to vision loss. Dry eye affects approximately 20 million Americans and occurs twice as often in women. It alone accounts for nearly 25% of all visits to an eye care provider.

Dry Eye comes in many forms and no Dry Eye case is the same.  At Plaza Optometry, we specialize in the expert diagnosis and classification of this chronic disease. We will  work with you to develop a customized treatment and management plan, drawing on the newest technology and clinical techniques to assure success and relief.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for the condition but with proper diagnosis, there are several effective treatment options available that can provide relief and improve quality of life. The experts at Plaza Optometry provide you with the much needed relief you have been waiting for!


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