The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups

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The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups

The Importance of Eye Care and Check-Ups

There are a lot of reasons why people put off getting their eyes checked. Most of those reasons center around a tight schedule. But eye care should be taken more seriously as it can affect your quality of life if something is not treated right away. Here are some reasons why you should schedule a yearly exam with Plaza Optometry located in Santa Ana, CA.

Eye Exams are for Everyone Including Kids

Here are a few reasons why you should have your eyes checked once a year and why you should schedule your child’s pediatric eye exam sooner than later.

  • Regular eye exams help children succeed in school and can help you in the workplace. Not being able to see clearly can cause people to miss many things. This can keep you and your child from being successful later on in life.
  • Nearsightedness is a real problem for many kids. This condition keeps them from clearly seeing the board at school. It can also lead to them having crossed eyes.
  • Vision screenings are not comprehensive like eye exams. These types of procedures identify pre-existing eye conditions. On the other hand, eye exams can diagnose visual health issues. Eye exams can be preventative care and can help diagnose conditions/issues before they occur or slow the damage for conditions that already exist.
  • Eye exams can catch glaucoma before it becomes serious. To lose one’s eyesight slowly is a terrible thing. Finding a condition long before it is too late can save your sight later on in life.
  • An exam can help identify serious medical conditions not related to your eyes.

For Comprehensive Eye Care Visit Plaza Optometry

If you desire to have the best eye health you can our office can help. For comprehensive eye care and exams visit Plaza Optometry in Santa Ana. We help everyone young and old in the community get the eye care they deserve. Call 714-557-7800 today to schedule an appointment!


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