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All About Scleral Lenses in Santa Ana

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We Specialize in Scleral Lenses in Santa Ana, CA

Our patients from Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and Irvine, CA, who have any type of corneal irregularity – including keratoconus, corneal scarring, corneal dystrophies and degenerations – are always ecstatic to hear that they can wear contact lenses! Other patients, who suffer from extreme dry eye, chronic inflammatory conditions, Sjorgen’s diseases, and particular health conditions, can also benefit from wearing scleral contacts. Scleral lenses are ideal for these ocular conditions, and our Santa Ana office is your ideal location for an expert scleral contact lens fitting!

What are scleral lenses?

In brief, scleral lenses are extra-large diameter, rigid gas permeable contacts. They extend over your cornea completely and rest on the whites of your eye, also known as the sclera. Scleral lenses thereby replace the irregular corneal surface with a properly rounded optical surface. Sharp vision is the end-result!

Scleral lenses create a bridge over the eye’s surface, which leaves a gap that fills with tears. This lubrication enhances comfort for people with dry eyes.
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Are scleral lenses safe?

You may be surprised to hear that scleral lenses are actually the oldest type of contact in history! Leonardo da Vinci invented the concept for scleral lenses in the early 16th century, and by the late 1800s, they were already being manufactured in Europe. Due to poor oxygen permeability, the first prototypes had a lot of negative side effects, such as corneal swelling. Nowadays, modern technology and computer-driven lathes enable the construction of scleral lenses with high precision, high comfort and superior safety. They provide patients with crisp vision, as well as protect the delicate corneal surface. Scleral lenses offer optimal vision and safety for many people who suffer from keratoconus, corneal irregularities, and severe dry eye.

How does the Santa Ana eye doctor fit scleral lenses?

You need a professional eye doctor who specializes in scleral lenses to map your cornea accurately. These lenses are customized to fit each patient, and the fitting takes more time than with standard lenses. We will use advanced corneal topography equipment to determine the perfect fit. This will greatly reduce the amount of time spent in fitting your scleral lenses. We invite patients from Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and Irvine, CA, to reserve an eye exam in our modern, pleasant optometry office!
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Is it hard to insert scleral lenses?

At first, you may find it tricky to insert your new scleral lenses. However, we provide full training for our patients, and with a bit of trial and error – you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

To insert scleral lenses:

  1.    Wash your hands well and dry them with a lint-free towel
  2.    Inspect your eyes for any signs of irritation; if you notice anything, call our Santa Ana office for an eye exam
  3.    Place a mirror flat on the table, remove one lens from its case and check to make sure it is intact and clean
  4.    Fill the concave lens with saline. To use your fingers to insert, we recommend the tripod method of using two or three fingers to stabilize the lens and hold it flat. Alternatively, you can use an inserter.
  5.    Look downwards at the mirror. While holding your eyelids open with one hand, place the lens in your eye with the other. Once you feel the saline touch your eyeball, press the lens gently into your eye and let go. It will attach to your eye.
  6.    Repeat the whole process with the second lens
  7.    Air bubbles can cause discomfort; if this happens, you may need to remove the lens and insert it again

To remove scleral lenses:

  1.    Wash your hands well
  2.    Look straight ahead. If you are using a plunger to remove the lens, wet it with saline and place it against the lower third of your lens. Press gently, and pull up and out. If you are using your fingers, place two fingertips on the sides of your lens and break the seal from your eyeball. This will dislodge the lens.

How do I care for scleral lenses?

Immediately after removing them, it’s important clean your scleral lenses to preserve your healthy eyes. Place one lens in your palm and rub it gently with a few drops of cleansing solution. Rinse off with saline. Fill your lens case with the recommended disinfectant and store your lens in the case overnight. Repeat with the second lens. Always refill the case with fresh solution each time you store your scleral lenses!

How long can I wear my scleral lenses each day?

Our eye doctor will assess your personal condition to advise you on the best wearing schedule for scleral lenses. It is important to follow the instructions that we provide for you personally. At Plaza Optometry, we are always looking out for your clear vision and quality eye health!
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