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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: What are the advantages?

Good care for contact lenses can be an overwhelming task for some. Ensuring that you, or your youngsters, are utilizing the correct contact lenses,  and regularly changing them is a burden that most are not prepared to take on. Recent studies show that as few as 2% of all contact lens wearers clean and store their contact lenses as they should.

Therefore, most individuals wearing hard gas permeable bi-weekly or month to month dispensable contacts, expose their eyes every day to many destructive microscopic organisms that can develop on their contacts over time and cause genuine eye diseases that can possibly do serious harm to their eyes, up to and including blindness.

Luckily, an altogether more reliable contact lens exists for your convenience: every day disposable contact lenses. With day to day dispensable contact lenses, you can have perfectly clear vision consistently, without the stress or worry of storing and cleaning. Essentially, discard today's set before bedtime, and appreciate the advantages of a fresh out of the plastic new, spotless, pair of contact lenses the next morning.

Contact lens related infections and eye conditions caused by unnecessary cleaning and storage are a relic of days gone by. Now you can appreciate the basic joys of comfortable vision from the start of your day!

Another vital favorable position of day by day disposable contact lenses is that there is no longer a requirement for you to stress over being careless when it comes to your contact lens replacement schedule. Many individuals don't know about the degree of harm that is possible when contact lenses are not exchanged for a spotless, new pair. It's damaging to your eyes to wear contact lenses until they get to be distinctly uncomfortable, and then to change them for new ones. With day by day disposables, all you need to do is remember to put in a new pair every morning.

Daily disposable contact lenses are a wonderful approach to begin experiencing completely clear vision consistently.

For more on disposable contacts available in Santa Ana and to see whether they are right for you, contact your Plaza Optometry eye specialist today!